Saturday, March 12, 2011

Everything happens for a reason....

That's such a hard statement to BELIEVE when you are the one who needs to have faith in it. So for the 2nd quarter in a row, I didn't get into the nursing program. I'm really bummed about it, and I took a few minutes to wallow in my sorrow and feel sorry for myself and now I'm moving on :). I'm still disappointed, I've wanted to be a nurse for a LONG time, but maybe this is all happening for a reson. I did some research over the last few days and discovered that I have enough credits to get my associates degree and then transfer to Western Washington University and do their Human Services program and get my Bachelors in Human services. Then I can do the kind of work that I do with my nonprofit, or continue on in school and pursue a law degree... the possibilities are endless!

It has been a rough year thusfar though, and I'm only 3 months into it... HASCO messing up on my section 8 qualifications and because of THEIR error I can't get on the program (still fighting this one though!), not getting into the nursing program 2 times, loosing daycare assistance, furnace broke, broken seals on 2 windows that need to be replaced, and that's just a few of the issues. But, I figure maybe the first half is going to be tough because the second half will be absolutely wonderful!?!?!? Regardless though, I do have SO much to be thankful for! I've got a roof over my head, food in my house, 3 wonderful children who keep me on my toes (and in shape!!!) and wonderful friends and family!

My friend Jessica of Raney Day Photography, did a photoshoot of the kids and she is absolutely amazing. The kiddos loved it and ask me daily when we can do pictures with miss jessica again :) Check out he website, some of the kids photos are featured there.

So the earthquakes, tsunami and now a nuclear explosion really have me praying. Thanking the Lord for all the good things in my life, and praying for those who have lost everything. It's such an unsettling thing. These poor people...

Hope everyone is doing well, and as always, thanks for reading the updates!!!