Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another quick update...

Hey everyone, quick update: won two BIG cases in the last month with! I'm so excited for these families. Can't go into too much detail but one was getting AFLAC to payout on a claim they've been denying since 2009 and another one was against a medical ins. company in Illinois that had been denying infertility benefits (IMPROPERLY too!!) to a family since 2007. I'm so thrilled that we won, and I LOVE the experience that this work is giving me!

I didn't get into the nursing program (any of them) for the fall, and I'm taking this as a sign that I am supposed to take another path. I'm done "fighting" so to speak, and am just going to surrender to what is. I DID get accepted to the Human Services Program at Western Washington University so I will be starting there in the fall and am very excited!

The kids are getting SO smart, I'm teaching them how to count and they are doing so good. we are just working with fingers now, such as "cassie, hold up 1 finger on your RIGHT hand and 3 fingers on your LEFT hand. Now, what is 1 + 3" and then she counts and tells me 4. It's so cute to see the proud looks on their face.

My friend jessica, did some mothers day pictures yesterday of my kiddos and my mom and I. She is an AMAZINGLY talented Photographer, and a WONDERFUL friend! If you are a facebook user, go search Raney day photography and if you "like" the page, you can comment on ALL of her photos. For any of my friends in the WA area, she is AMAZING!!!!! Here are a few pictures: