Monday, February 18, 2008

A day at the childrens Museum

I took the kids to meet up with Katy and Ricky at the Childrens Museum in Everett. It was nothing i imagined it would be. I had a blast and the kids had a blast as well. Even better, when Mark was done running his errands, he joined us and we were able to do a few more activities as we weren't outnumbered by the kids.
I took about a hundered pictures, you can see them here, here's a preview...

It's been a wonderfully fun filled weekend! Saturday we spent the day with Annie, Mitch and conor at the Aquarium (I forgot my camera in the car), Sunday Grandpa pete came over for dinner and hours of play, and then today-my last day of "recovery" we went to the childrens museum and out to dinner. Busy busy busy!

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