Monday, August 11, 2008

Spaghetti Factory

Tonight Nana and Grandaddy invited us to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory... it's fast becoming a tradition (which we really enjoy!!!!). Auntie Rachael and Uncle T were over visiting for the afternoon and mom and dad invited them but T had previous activities arranged. So Rach came to dinner with us and T went to play football. The kids did REALLY good at dinner, our server wasn't, timely. He left us hanging a few too many times and the kiddos got bored and impatient, but despite that fact, they did really good for such a long dinner. Here are a few candid shots from the night.

and yes, they are in their pajamas. It was a really lazy Sunday and the dinner invite came late in the day. So we just took them in their PJ's. Hey, at least they were comfortable.

and here is granddaddy's newest invention:

Maybe safer trips to and from the car? They still don't have it down but it's a work in progress.


Annie said...

Love the rope! Too cute!

Zac and Christine said...

I love these pics. Way fun! I wanna go out in my pj's!!!