Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just put the loves of my life to bed and wanted to share our...

new word in the house: Hellodoctor- (helicoptor) and those boys LOVE hellodoctors, LOL. They screech, holler, yell and jump up and down uncontrollably when they see or hear one, it's hillarious!

They are talking in full, complete and most importantly UNDERSTANDABLE sentences now. They still mix some words up and don't have everything perfect, but you can get what they are trying to tell you. Even as I sit here and type this I can hear the three of them upstairs having a full blown conversation. I am so lucky to have been given this gift of motherhood, and not just to one little sweetie, but to THREE. I feel so blessed, and so fortunate!

I can't believe the have grown so fast, we are rapidly approaching their 3rd birthday, man how the time fly's!!!

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks, I know I've been slacking a little...


Annie said...

Oh my, I LOVE the pic on your blog-the new one on top!!! Soooo ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

I just cant believe how fast they are growing. If its like that for me....I cant imagine what its like for you.

Love the new kiddo/mommy pic!

Mel a/k/a JazzysMom