Friday, October 16, 2009

Kitty Kitty

Last night I had to do something very difficult. You see, Mizykitty hasn't been eating or using the litter box for over a week now. Took her to the vet on Tuesday and her liver function was really high, she was diagnosed with fatty liver disease and the only way to treat it is to get her to start eating again so her body can process all that fat instead of letting it build up in her liver. Vet wanted to keep her for a week and tube feed her, which would be more than I could afford. So she gave me the option of taking her home and force feeding her to see if I could get anywhere with that. Two days later still hadn't gotten her to eat anything, and she just looked miserable, acted miserable and then I got a call from the doctor telling me her liver functions were too high to even consider giving a good prognosis even if I DID get her to start eating again. That her liver was so damaged it's irreparable. So the kids and I said goodbye to her one last time and sent her off to go to heaven.

As we were leaving Tristan said to me, "Your a naughty girl mommy, I don't like you" and I told him it wasn't nice to tell people you don't like them, and asked why I was naughty. He told me, "You are mean to leave mizykitty at the doctor". I asked if he'd like another kitty and he said yes, so off we were to get a new kitty.

We've ended up with 2 of them, brothers. They are cute and sweet as can be, and are SO good with the kids, totally tolerable of the kids picking them up and toting them around the house. Here are some pictures


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about having to put the kitty down :(

Are these new babies persian? I love them....

Good luck with 2. 2 usually means double trouble LOL!


Julie said...

Yeah, they are persian. Both deaf though so we got a great deal, practically a give away. How are you doing Mel?