Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sorry it's been so darn long since I've written. I took the kids out last week to a show in the city where I live. It was some local bands and Blake Lewis from American Idol (I went to Highschool with him, and he's still really good friends with a friend of mine). It was an all ages music and entertainment thingy and the kids had a BLAST!! I got a few brief seconds of video, sorry it so dark though. They did a lot of dancing that night and were asleep in their beds before I even made it downstairs LOL!

They are so smart, it just amazes me how fast they are growing. They are in 3T clothes already, size 8 shoes...almost ready to move to the "big kid's" small shoes. I just can't believe it. They are all potty trained both day and night time. All three of them can count to 15 and say their alphabet. Cassie is drawing smiley faces and trying SOOOO hard to learn how to write her name. Tristan is more and more becoming a mommy's boy, his favorite line lately is, "I love you mommy. I like you mommy. I'm so happy with you mommy". He's such a sweetie! Ry is still our sensitive one who gets his feelings hurt if you loook at him the wrong way. He's the independent one too, likes to go off and do things on his own. And Cassie....we'll shes the boss. The boys pretty much do what she tells them. She's also very very much a girl (totally opposite of me as a kid!) and will cry if she doesn't get to wear a dress and "Pretty shoes". I can't believe they came into our lives over 3 years ago, it just doesn't seem possible.

Here are a few funny things I've written down that the kids have said lately, they keep me laughing and loving live, that's for sure!!!

My Three year olds played the "why" game with me this morning for 15 minutes. I'm more mentally exhausted than after a hard day at school and work. Do you know how much thinking and creativity it takes to provide them with an answer that finally satisifies all their why's?????

Outsmarted by a three year old?!?!?! "Tristan, sit down right now or I'm going to spank your bottom!" "Mommy, you can't, we don't touch other peoples bottoms". Darn kid, got me there...

So when the kids showed up at my mom's door in their costumes she sang "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" and Ryland promptly walked in the house, walked over to her, got down on his hands and knees and SMELLED HER FEET!!! LOL this kid keeps me laughing!

My brilliant son Ry said to me this morning as I was getting out of the shower: "Oh good girl mama, you wash your bum bum? You wash it so it don't be a stinky bum bum!? Good girl!

Cousin Ricki: "What name do you like to go by, Cassie or Cassandra? Cassie: "I like Cassie Cassandra is my trouble name"

Tristan: "Don't touch Ryland's penis, ok, you don't touch someone else's penis" Ryland: "Yeah, don't touch my penis" Cassie: "ok boys, don't touch the peanuts" LOL out of the mouth of babes

And here are some recent pictures :)