Thursday, October 21, 2010

it's been an adventure

So it's been like 6 months since I've done an update.... I'll try and make it brief :).

The kids are SO big and SO smart. They know their abc's and can count to 20. They all know how to write the first letter of their name, and Tristan is really excelling in writing out all his letters and numbers. He begs me all the time to practice them lol. They are still in Daycare at mark's sister's center, which is a big montessori (sp?) school and it's been great for them as far as education and challenging them mentally. Cassie is a little artist, and she is just the sweetest most loving little girl EVER!! (bias much?) Definately more like her dad than like my fiesty ol self LOL. Those boys are much more like me, but boy do they look like their dad!

Tristan got moved to a Pre K room about 3 months ago because the boys were at eachothers throats, ALL DAY LONG! (now they know how some of my saturday's go LOL). They have really thrived being separated and are doing so well with it. Then about 3 weeks ago they moved Cassie to the other pre K room, so now they are all in their own rooms. Ry was very sad at first and cried the first two days Cassie wasn't with him, but now he's over it and really enjoys his own attention and not having to compete with his siblings.

They are so smart and so funny, and Ryland continues to be the comedian of the group. He had me laughing so hard the other day, here's how the convo went:
RYLAND: "Mommy, why do girls have hyenas?"
ME: "What? Why do girls have what? Hyenas like on Lion King?"
RYLAND: "Noooo mommy, not Lion King. The girls have the hyena's like I have a penis. Why do they have heyenas?"
bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, laughing so hard I'm crying, nearly peeing my pants...hyenas. I have the funniest little boy EVER!

As for me...I've finished my first year as a reservist in the US Navy and it's been quite UNeventful :) and I am most grateful for that! I've got one more year and then I'm FREEEEEEE. But all in all, I'm so thankful for the opportunities it has provided me and I still stay in contact with many friends I've made throughout the years.

I'm still in school, working on my last prerequisite to get into the nursing program. I did apply for winter quarter, but it's HIGHLY unlikely I'll be selected because I didn't have this class completed. Plus it is so unbelievable competitive, that even when I do finish this class, it might take a few attempts to get in. That is something I'm NOT looking forward to :(. School is keeping me busy, microbiology is kicking my butt but I am enjoying my labs so much. And public speaking, um, let's just say there is a lot of busy work (unnecessary in my opinion), but such is life.

DAFCF ( is doing great, I've got a bunch of clients and still have yet to lose a case (knock on wood!!!) and I enjoy doing it so much. I really wish that I could do it full time, as a job. Over winter break I'm going to take some time into researching grants again and see if I can't find something I missed the last time I looked. I find myself looking forward to tackling the challenge of some of these cases, I even dream about it LOL.

Some of you probably noticed the man in two of the pictures I posted the other day :). That's Phil, we've been dating for about 6 months now and he's an amazing guy. The kids think he's great and he even went to our little mini family reunion in September to Sunriver Oregon. He fit right in and my cousins Ryan and Cory and my uncle David now have a new golfing buddy. The picture with cassie in my arms is at their 4th birthday party (that's right, I said 4th!!!!!) and the one in the dress and tie is at a fundraising auction from last weekend that his company was a part of. It was a fun night, lots of laughter. Plus, what woman doesn't LOVE an excuse to get dressed up!?!?!?!?

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for checking in!!


Anonymous said...

Oh yippie for the update.. Yippie. I am so proud of you going to nursing school with three kids. That is amazing. I loved Microbiology.. Just loved it but it was hard and I didn't have three kids. You know there was so much talk about how hard it was to get into my nursing program to, I was told all pre classes had to be done before applying. They told us we could have to wait a long time to get in, but the truth was, not one of us did. As soon as we were qualified to get in, we got in. I hope the same goes for you.

I know you will kick butt as a nurse. Take care of yourself. The new man is a hottie, you look great and the kids are amazing!!


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