Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mullet anyone? (and a slight vent)

Lately we've noticed that the boys hair is a tad long, if their hair wasn't so curly they'd have minature mullets so we were going to take them to get it cut last weekend at this place down in Redmond that specializes in kids haircuts (I wanted some "scrapbookable" pictures). However, that got postponed until this weekend due to the dump of snow that showed up last weekend. So we were going to take them tomorrow to get this mullet thing fixed.

(here comes the vent part) I am on duty this weekend and also had Saturday clinic from 8-10 am, not bad at all it's just a few hours of work and passes quickly. The bad part is that Mark worked last night and got home aroudn 3:30-4:00am. So he was exhausted when he had to get up with the kids at 6:30. I had to be at work by 7:30 and on my way there I got a call from a reservist Cheif asking if I could have the doors open by 7:15, I told her no because I wouldn't be there until 7:30, she was mad.

I get to work and find that there are about 8 reservist doctors there needing to use our clinical space, and they are going to be using this space until 5-6pm tonight...and that means one of us on duty has to stay, oh and by the way they need to do this on Sunday as well.

The worst news is that our OIC ok'd this some time ago and failed to inform anyone in the chain of command or anyone who would be working this weekend. Thanks, great, I know I'm in the military and all but I have a FAMILY too, and it would be nice to get this information passed so that I can make sure my kids are taken care of. The other person on duty with me was kind enough to let me go today and he stayed until about 5:30. I got home as soon as I could so that poor Mark could get some sleep, as he works again tonight.

So I'm on tomorrow from 7:30- whenever they decide they are done. I know it's a silly thing to get pissed about, but I really hate rescheduling family events/activities for something to do with work-especially on the weekend. I know I'm in the military and I know I'm on duty so this shouldn't be a big deal, but I am so sick of the lack of planning and communication that goes on in this command. I mean when asked, I do more than my share of duties, working extra, staying late, taking on other jobs and responsibilities and occasionally there's more than just a "thank you" (i.e. you can leave early today, take an extra long lunch...). And I'd have absolutely no problem working the needed hours this weekend, had I been given the opportunity to make other arrangements for the kids.

And I hate having to ask others to step in and help us at the last minute. Thank God for my mom, she has been a lifesaver too many times to count and she is coming up tomorrow when the kids get up to take care of them, and pretty much stay until Mark's had enough time to get rest. I hope I'm not going to have another weekend duty for a llllllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng time!

I guess the haircuts will have to wait another week because we will be gone next weekend, getting ready for Rachael and T's wedding in Hawaii. Just a little more time to grow those mullets I suppose :)

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Hannah said...

So cute!!! I'd be frusterated with work too. Cant wait to see pictures of there new hair cuts.