Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our trip to Hawaii

here is a video of our recent Hawaii vacation, all was wonderful with the exception of our 12 hour flight (yep, 12 hours!!) back to Seattle. Mark and I had a great time, got to see Aunt Sandi and Uncle John and Grandma and Grandpa on Maui (Thank you!!!!), got to watch my bestfriend of 22 years get married to the love of her life, got to visit the Arizona Memorial, went to a huge Luau and spent some time just lounging on the beach.


Hannah said...

ah... so hate you. Wish I could just dive into that water!!!

jhp1421 said...

Since I'm pretty sure that this is as close as I'll ever get to Hawaii, thank you! I thought your pictures were great! I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself. I love your blog, I wish you could help me with mine. I started one but I just don't get how to add stuff. Anyway, in the meantime we have another site, I added it below. I'm going to be bugging you soon with TT questions, I hope you don't mind. Jennifer from TC