Sunday, September 7, 2008

"I catch you"

We were playing outside this afternoon and Ryland climbed up onto the play set and went over to the slide. Being a little wary of the slide (since last time he used it he went flying face first into the rocks), he hesitated for a minute. That's when Cassie said to him "I catch you". I didn't want to wait around to watch her catch him, so I went to the bottom of the stairs to help her out.

The cute thing is that this scenario repeated itself a dozen times this afternoon and I was finally able to get her saying it on video.

And can anyone decipher what in the world Cassie and Ryland are saying to eachother? I sure wish I understood 2 year old triplet jibberish!!!


Anonymous said...

I know what they are saying! Cassie is telling Ryland not to be afraid and come to the bottom. Then I am sure I heard something about the sandbox they're getting. After she has climbed to the top of the "ladder" she says "I so big!"
See Big Grandma knows her babies!
Love you.

The Koza's said...

I think that she is right I heard something along the lines of "slide down right here to the bottom" "i catch you" then she says "look at me I am so big" at least that is what I get out of it.