Saturday, September 27, 2008

Playing in the dirt

A few days ago we were outside and both boys wanted to play in the dirt. I had visions of boys covered in mud, and therefore have been prohititing them to play in the dirt (mean mom, I know).

Then the other day I was reminscing about my childhood and remembered one of my favorite activities was building mud pies with my bestfriend Rachael.

So today I let all 3 kids have at it in the dirt and mud.

Little miss priss only got dirty because Tristan dumped a few handfuls of dirt in her hair. Otherwise she was spotless.

The video shows some dirtier views of Ryland


The Koza's said...

You are pretty brave to let them all in the dirt. Even if Cassie didn't want to play, she still had the option. Sounds like you have had a few good days off of work. Can't wait to see you tomorrow, work isn't the same without you...

Zac and Christine said...

i wanna play in the dirt! im sure there was a fun filled bubble bath after the playing in the dirt!