Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial weekend BBQ

I had a fantastic time with some of my close friends and friends from work yesterday. The BBQ started at 2pm and people trickled in until about 4:30, which is when Ricky (THANK YOU RICKY!!!) took care of all the BBQing. We had chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs and especially for Josh we had STEAK!!!!!!

There were about 15 kids here (no joke) and they all had a blast playing on the swing set, in the bouncy house that Heather and Joe let us borrow (THANKS!!!) and in the two pools that were set up. My white little kids even got a bit of a tan :).

Things settled down about 6 and a handful of people started heading home, espeically those who had to drive home to Issaquah (thanks Lauren!). we sat outside and just talked and watched the remaining few kids who were here, run around and play. Still playing in the pool at 6pm (FREEZING!) It got to where I had to go upstairs and get sweatshirts for everyone, and then around 8 we all ventured inside. I now have a strong desire to put a fire pit in my backyard and have many more BBQ's (you in dad?!?!?)

Ricky and taylor headed over to Ricky's house to get some board games (because mine are lame, seriously lame!)and we ended up playing battle of the sexes. The girls won!!! Steph and the koza's left about 11pm and Rosemarie, Little Armando, Brooke, David, and chelsey stayed until about 1am.

I had a blast and can't wait to do it again, I'm thinking my birthday weekend I'll do another one.....

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