Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My 3rd mothers day

The morning started with a trip to IHOP for my mothers day breakfast, courtsey of Mark and the kids. Breakfast was great and the kids enjoyed their usual "mac N cheese" that they always have when we go there (I know, for breakfast?!?!? Yuck!)

Then later tha day, the Koza's, Christine and Zoie Walton, Charles and I decided to go to the zoo for mothers day. We ran into my bestfriend Lauren and her BEAUTIFUL daughter Brianna when we were there, and David met us there to spend the day with us.

I had a great time, the kids were actually a little onry and not on their best behavior, which is a bit unusual because they are usually really good in public, but I can't complain over one day. We ate lunch at the food pavillion (David's treat, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and got to see a lot of animals. Here are some pictures from the afternoon, it was a wonderful way to spend mothers day surrounded by people I love and care about!

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Annie said...

Sounds like a great day!