Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a little fun in vegas

Here is a photo album from some of our Vegas fun. We sure did have a good time with Jeff and Lisa and were really glad they came with us. We went to a show almost every night, and spent the last day lounging at the pool...just as one should do when on vacation!

Tomorrow I'll be adding some pictures from Jessie's wedding.


Clarissa said... don't know me and I hope it's ok that some random person is leaving a comment on your blog. (I saw your blog address on a comment you posted at the Triplet Connection forum.)

I just wanted to say how beautiful your children are. They are SO adorable.

Our bunch is 7 months.
Feel free to check out our blog:

So vacations are possible after triplets!!!

Hannah said...

looks like you had lots of fun. I bet it felt wonderful to be able to leave town and spend time alone!

Clarissa said...

Sure. That would be fine with me to be on your list.
It's kinda fun to keep track of other fams with triplets - I've never actually met another trip fam, only through the web.
Can you guys be added to our list?