Friday, May 2, 2008

Poor Ryland and a lengthy update

I am so frustrated for Ryland. He just got off antibiotics for his ear infection 48 hours ago, and saw the doctor because his wheeze is acting up. She said one ear looked great, the other looked like it was healing, but we won't know for a few weeks. He was given chewable Singular to see if that helps clear up the little bit of "gunk" he's got in his lungs. She says the majority of the wheezing sound is actually coming from his throat, which could be caused by an immature and therefore floppy airway. She isn't too concerned and thinks he will grow out of it, but wants us to give this a try since we are a tad concerned about it.

I was surprised when I showed up to get the kiddos from daycare and he was running a 101 temperature and not wanting to play, just wanting to be held. Our pediatrician had already left for the day, but seeing that she just set eyes on him that morning, I called her at home (thank God I work with her!!!!) and told her what was going on. She was so kind and understanding and immediately called in a prescription to Rite Aid. The base doesn't carry this med so we have to pay for it out in town. It's the only thing that's ever completely cleared up an ear infection for Ryland.

We go from Ammoxicillin, to Augmentin to Zithromax, then the Ceftin is the only thing that works and keeps him ear infection free for at least a few weeks. So she called in the Ceftin for him. This will be his second time on this antibiotic and I hope it gives him at least a few weeks of relief.

He has an appt. with the ENT on the 14th of this month to discuss the possibility of tubes. I'm very very insistant upon them. Mark needed them when he was a baby, and poor Ry has had about 9 infections (or 3 continuous lasting for 2-3 months) in the last 10 months. I'm fed up for he and daddy are going to go see the ENT.

Other than that, things are wonderful. All 3 kids are starting to combine 1-3 words, like bye daddy, hi puppy, or no mommy (No= Cassie's favorite word) and Cassie is very much into disciplining the boys. They take it well though. She is definately the leader of the pack, whatever she is doing or playing, they start to copy her. She has a wild imagination already and is very into "make believe" play. I can't believe how fast they are growing up...we are already starting to talk about plans for their 2nd birthday-YIKES!!!!

Mark is working part time as a bouncer in the evenings, and actively looking for a job that would allow me to get out of the military. This is just a really bad time economically to be looking for a job. Our tentative plan is for me to extend for one year (both my enlistment, and my duty at this current command) while I work on completing more of my pre-requisites for nursing school, and while Mark looks for a job that will support all 5 of us. I'm taking 2 classes this quarter (Anatomy and physiology and nutrition) and hope to continue to take 2, maybe even 3 classes per quarter over the next 12 months. The business ( finally MADE some money in March, but then again in April we slipped into the red. Mark has two opportunities this summer to do some business promoting, so we are planning that right now.

Up and coming, I have been invited as a guest speaker August 1-3, 2008 at the CFRI 21st Annual Education Conference "Living a Medical Miracle: CF Today and Tomorrow" at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay, Redwood City, California. I am honored and have quite a bit of stuff to do to get ready!
We are planning on having our first family camping trip the weekend of August 29th, so we'll see how that goes. My command is doing a BBQ that day at Jim Creek Campground in Northern Washington, and we have reserved the group site for the command for the weekend.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

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Mandy said...

I am so excited to hear that you want to go to nursing school!!! I am not sure if you knew but I will be graduating from nursing school in August! I have loved it, although stressful, and can't wait to be a nurse. I think it is the best profession, you would be a great nurse. Good luck with that pursuit!!!