Friday, July 11, 2008

2006 Honda Oddysey and Peg Perego Triplette SW

For a fellow triplet mom.... hope this helps you figure out your car situation :)

To see the captions that explain the pictures a bit better please put your mouse in the lower left corner and click on the title of the slideshow. This will take you to our Picasa albums, where you can enlarge the pictures as well.

It takes me about 2 minutes to pop both wheels off, put the stroller in the trunk and close it.
We put the seats to the stroller in the area of the 2nd row where we removed the "captains chair" behind the driver.


Cheryl said...

Thank you sooo much!!!

Zac and Christine said...

Yeah. I'd love to go to the waterpark. I'm so determined to stay active, it's great! Well for this weekend I have sat clinic tomorrow, but that's about it. What are you all up too this weekend? Nothing too grand here! LOL :-) Still working on a list for Zoie :-) I'll keep you posted!

Hannah said...

Thanks for telling us about the stroller, it's the best thing we got, I'm sure its a must with triplets!

Cheryl said...

Well you could pass as a spokes person for Honda...after a week of looking at cars at least 6-7 hrs a day thanks to you we figured out how to fit the peg perego into the oddysey and we bought a 2008 today :) once again thanks for the pics!!!!

e-mail: said...

Jazmin and Jaeda have the same car seats. Thanks for sharing and I think we all should care a little less about what others think if that will help save a childs life. Even if there aren't immediate results.... it puts the thought into the parents head. Thanks for sharing!