Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spanking anyone?

So our really sweet neighbor Jeanne brought this toy over the other day for the kiddos. They really like it, but when Tristan first saw it, he decided to start punishing it. They don't get spakings that often, they are pretty darn good kids. But he must get enough of them because this is what I caught on video:

In case you can't understand what he is saying, he is telling the toy "no" and then asking it if it wants a "spanking" (pankin), then he says "Not Nice", some more "pankins" and then he says something I can't understand, like "shishishi shesh" then a few more "no's" and some more "pankin" threats.


The Koza's said...

I love it! He is such a doll. A few of those pankins would hurt someone if he did them to things other than his naughty toys! See you tomorrow.... :(

The Koza's said...

That is too hilarious! I wish I could have seen that. You know Cassie is a very bad little girl... ok maybe not but I bet he thought so!
P.S. Kaleb loves to watch the video too, hope he doesn't get any ideas.

Tripletblessed said...

OMG that is to funny!