Monday, July 7, 2008

Earning their keep

That's right, to live here you've got to earn your keep! They start washing their clothes by hand early in our house, not even two and already doing their own laundry.

I tried to catch a video of this but was only successful in getting a picture. It was hillarious to watch Ryland see his shadow to the side of him and try to run away from it, stop to see if it was still there, see it again and go running faster, stop and still see it right there next to him. and then the funniest part of all... he face plants in the pool because he's still running as his head is turned and watching the shadow behind him. Gosh I love these kids, at minimum once a day they've got me laughing so hard I cry

They are at such a fun age, they love asking for hugs, it seems to be their new favorite thing to do and how they say it is so cute "ug" "ug pease" "pease". We are still working hard on our manners, but they seem to be catching on well. We only have to prompt sometimes for please and thank you's and Ryland's even taken to saying "awcome" (you're welcome). They are trying so hard with all of their words.
Cassie continues to go potty each and every night, and Ryland is back to telling us when he has poop. Tristan told us a few times this weekend too. Not every time, but the recognition seems to be there. One step closer to that big huge potty training fiasco, I can't wait.


Sara and Dustin said...

They are sooo cute. I love the pic with all three of their behinds :)

Hannah said...

I just want to start pinching their scooshies!

Mark & Julie said...

LOL hannah :)