Friday, April 17, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

So I was getting the kids into bed the other night and Cassie says to me, "mommy I want to see your boots" and I looked at her rather puzzled because I didn't have boots on, and I know for a fact that this child knows what boots are.

I sat down on the edge of her bed and put my foot on her bed to show her that I didn't have any boots on. However, I did have black socks on and I thought in their bedroom with the lights off, maybe they did look like boots to her.

As I'm lifting my foot up to show her she again tells me, "mommy, I want to see your boots" and then she grabs ahold of my tank top and pulls the front of it down and says, "oh mommy, I see them, theirs your boots" OMG, I fell on the floor laughing, and cassie just had this puzzled look on her face. Gosh I love being a mom, these kids keep me going every day!


CFlover said...

Hahaha thats 2 cute!

Krista Lynn said...

that's too funny!!! =)

Debbie said...

Julie, your stories are great! They make me laugh :) Hope you all are doing good!


Annie said...

Too cute!!! "Boots"-now that's one I've never heard! :)

Anonymous said...

I just am reading this & almost fell off the chair laughing. Got to love what kids say LOL!

Mel a/k/a JazzysMom

Anonymous said...

Did the BLACK GUY see your "boots" too?