Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tulip adventure 2009

I've never been to visit the tulip festival in Washington, can you believe that? So my friend Steve and I went yesterday on a little adventure up north. We had a great time, got to stop for lunch at a small diner and I got to see where he use to live. It was a little bit of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of day, which was a lot of fun since I never get to have them anymore, and the company was good!

I wanted to narrow down one picture that was my favorite, and here it is:

It was a great way to start a fun and busy week!

Lets see what this week holds...tomorrow, Lauren, my bestfriend from 7th grade, turns 26 and we are going wine tasting in a limo this Saturday to celebrate. After visiting the winery we are going to have dinner at the Purple Cafe in Kirkland and then off to some dancing at Valhalla's for 80's night (no we don't dress the part, LOL). I can't wait to get all us girls together again, we do so know how to have a good time.

I'm having coffee with Steve on Thursday morning, but I really have an alterior motive and that is to get my hands on the rest of the tulip photos (No folks, I don't have time to right click and save all 100+ of them....) that he took yesterday. The flowers were beautiful, but he's pretty darn good with the camera!

Then Sunday it's off to the Zoo with Katy and the kids, and I imagine Ricky will tag along too :) That ought to be an adventure, a twin and a triplet stroller...oh boy.

Oh, and this weekend will also entail some studying for my test on Monday. As soon as I figure out what the heck I'm doing I'll start studying. Until then, I'll keep calling Katy for help only to have her tell me she doesn't get it either. Maybe tomorrow at work I'll track down Laura and see if she understands it any better. If all else fails Charles has offered to show us "how it's done" and tonight Steve told me he'd help me if he wasn't in the middle of burning dinner. Thankfully mark stopped by for a few minutes and was kind enough to explain it to me in a manner that made sense. Of course though, as soon as he left, I was confused again with nobody to bounce my questions off off....

that being said, i'm off to bed. Goodnight

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