Friday, April 3, 2009

People are SOOOOOOOOOOOO good

People are SO good and I'm not being sarcastic.

It was a long afternoon after a long week of not getting much sleep. Poor Ryland hasn't been getting much sleep either, his ear infection is keeping him up at night despite the antibiotics. After 4 days of Augmentin and his ear still draining horribly the doctor switched him to Ceftin last night. Rite aid said they'd order it and have it today. I called this afternoon to make sure it was ready and I was told that my insurance wasn't covering the name brand and that I had to get the generic. I explained to them that we had already done the generic twice and Ryland threw it up both times (2 separate ear infections mind you-months apart) so we ended up getting the Name brand because of that. They told me the doctor would have to call the ins. to get it authorized and blah blah blah. I was mad, wondering why nobody had called me to let me know as I could have sorted this all out at work, because I work for the prescribing doctor.

I decided to just pay the $302 and appeal it through Tricare later. My son NEEDED this medication yesterday, so I wasn't about to wait another day or wait through the weekend!

I got there to the drive through only to find out that the order they made yesterday hadn't arrived. WHAT!?!?!?!?!? Then I was ticked for them not calling me to let me know that, or bothering to tell me when I was on the phone with them 30 minutes earlier. Buuuuutttttttt.......really the lack of calling falls on me because I failed to update our phone number from 3 years ago. So at that point I apologized, feeling a little "put in my place" and updated my phone number.

Turns out there was a pharmacy in Stanwood (about 20 min north) that had the Name brand Ceftin and could fill it for me. So off we went on a little drive. I get to the pharmacy and go through the drive through as I've got all 3 kids with me and one who is whining and complaining about his ear hurting (poor kid, he never complains so I know it's bad). Then they tell me that I'm going to need to come in to fill this medication. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? I've got 3 two year olds in the car with me, do you KNOW how hard it is to get them all in and all out of the car, into the store, keeping them "contained" when there is only one of me and then back into the car. It can be a nightmare sometimes, especially with a sicky.

But I needed the meds, so in I went. We were there waiting about 10 minutes and the kids did pretty good because they had a lot of spectators and they were getting a kick out of it. I also got a lot of nice compliments about their behavior, so that made the whole experience better too. The ladies at the pharmacy, actually in the whole store were just fascinated with them.

I got prepared to pay and the pharmacist told me this Rx requires 2 bottles. And I said, "so is it $302 for each bottle, or $302 for the both of them" And he said, "$302???? No, you owe your copay of $3.00". I was much more than plesantly surprised and happily swiped my debit card. I wans't about to ask questions to screw it up, I just know someone must have been loooking out for me!

So two hours after I began the journey to get Ryland's medications, we finally had them. The kids were starting to tell me they were hungry, and I remembered I forgot to pull something out for dinner last night so I decided we'd go to IHOP.

We arrived and the server helped me get the kids all settled (it really is a wonderful IHOP, great servers who really love the kids) and got my order for them in right away. We were "playing" and coloring when a gentleman approached me and apologized for interrupting but wanted to know if they were triplets. I told him yes and he complimented me/them on their fabulous behavior. He also asked me if I was in the Navy or if I was a spouse or something (I was in my Navy PT gear) and I told him I was active duty. He lit up and told me breifly about his son who's also actived duty and living in Ingleside. We chatted for a few minutes and then he went back to sit down.

A few minutes later he got up to leave and waved bye to the kids as he walked by. He thanked me for serving my country and told me the bill was taken care of. I was speechless, but managed to get a thank you out while he was still within earshot. Then the tears came...I can't believe that people are so amazingly and incredibly generous and thoughtful, and I wish I would have said more, so he really KNEW how much I appreciated his generosity. There ARE so many good people in this world, and after a somewhat stressful afternoon of trying to get Ry's medications taken care of, his one gesture made all the difference in the world!

Pay it forward, that I WILL do!


Tina said...

Aww, so sweet. THat made me cry. I am wishing your little one well!!

Triplethefunplus2 said...

I'm so glad you had such an unexpectedly great day, those are the best!!

I hope Ryland's ear is feeling better and those full tummies helped them sleep well for you!

Annie said...

What a wonderful story!!! People are good, aren't they?

I sure hope Ry's ear feels better soon!

Nadine said...

From a frequent reader who has never commented before....

That story made me tear up. I too will "pay it forward" on your behalf. What a great story!

And you should be proud that your kiddos are so well behaved! Congratulations to you for being such a wonderful parent!!


Anonymous said...

It so good to hear stories like this! I hope you & the kids ate well & had a relaxing meal!

Mel a/k/a JazzysMOm

Krista Lynn said...

wow! thanks for sharing that story, Julie! What an amazing gesture.

Have you seen the movie pay it forward by chance? if not, i highly recommend it! It's exactly what that gentleman did for you!