Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cassie used the potty

So I was reading some posting on the triplet connection last week about potty training. I realize the kids are only 16 months, but it can't hurt to introduce them to a potty seat early on-right??? I mean, Cassie has been interested in the flush factor of the toilet for a few months now. So Mark went on a hunt about two weeks ago the perfect potty chair. He did a fabulous job and came home with this Winnie the Pooh one. We put it in the toy room so they could play with it, sit on it and see what it was all about.

After a week of being in the toy room, we moved part that sits on the toilet, up to the bathroom I give them their nightly bath in. I put Cassie on it the other day and she FLIPPED out. That girl screamed. Ok, it didn't go as well as I thought. At least the boys thought it was cool. They thought it was pretty fun to sit on top of that big toilet.

I've kept up with putting her on the potty this whole week, and tonight was nothing different. Me lifting her onto the toilet was followed by ear-piercing screaming. However, Mark was in the bathroom with me tonight and as I pulled the screaming Cassie off the toilet, he said, "honey, I think there was something there" so I put her back on the toilet, and the screaming started again. After a very short wait (which I can assure you felt like forever with her screaming in my ear) Mark and I both heard the sound of pee pee in the potty.

We made a really big deal about it, clapping and cheering and woo-hooing it. I'm not sure whether she had a clue about what she had just done, but we are both excited. Excited enough to call my mom, and Mark's mom to share the news.

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Helen said...

Lol! I'd be pumped as well! With the number of diapers we go through, I'm surprised more HOM parents don't attempt potty training sooner.