Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's been almost a year...

I completely forgot that I created this blog so long ago. Time has flown by since then. I've actually been encouraged to re-start this blog by a family that I have never personally met. Tricia, Gwyneth and Nate Lawrenson are an amazing family, and I hope that you have an opportunity to "meet" them through me.

Tricia is someone I "met" online. She has Cystic Fibrosis and was being evaluated for a lung transplant when they found out that she was pregnant. This put a halt to their transplant plans, as she and Nate disussed and prayed about what to do.

Ultimately they decided that they were pregnant for a reason and that terminating the pregnancy was not an option for them. As of late, Tricia has been having complications relating to her failing lungs and the added stress of a pregnancy on her body. She went under surgery a week ago to be placed on a ventilator and they decided to deliver the baby via emergency c-section at that time. The doctors thought it was a better decision than having her undergo two major procedures with her body in such a delicate condition.

Gwenyth Rose was delivered at 24 weeks+ and is holding her own in the NICU, absolutely amazing the doctors and other staff. She truely is a miracle baby. Tricia is also doing well considering the circumstances and they are slowly weaning her off of the ventilator. They are hoping that after a few months of recovery, she can be re-evaluated for a lung transplant.

If you would, please join me in keeping this family in your thought and prayers. Nate does a fantastic job of sharing their daily experiences on his blog, you can visit it at www.cfhusband.blogspot.com.


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