Thursday, January 17, 2008

Update on Tricia and Gwyneth

FINALLY! Tricia is fully awake! She is still weak and very tired/sleepy, but her mind if fully awake! Still having a hard time focusing her eyes, and she can't do much with her hands, but we're having a much easier time reading her lips.

I just spent about an hour with her (they're doing her chest PT right now). When I arrived, she told me that she wasn't clear on where she was and why she was there. The last she remembers, she was still down on her usual hall (7800). She even though that she was in a different hospital. I assured her that she was at Duke, and spent about 10 minutes giving her the outline of the past 3 weeks.

Then, I showed her The Video of Gwyneth and we both spent some time crying tears of happiness together. We also watched a few minutes of the video of Gwyneth that my parents shot for us last Wednesday. I hadn't seen it yet as I was waiting to watch it with her. I'll be posting that video here soon.I also showed her the map of everyone who has been thinking about and praying for her, and told her that we've had about 200,000 hits and about 4000 comments since she went to sleep 9 days ago...she was as amazed as I have been.The Road Ahead is certainly not easy, but we've got this big hurdle behind us (waking up).

Gwyneth Rose is doing well. Her white blood count was up, so they sent a culture to check for an infection, and resumed her antibiotics just to be safe. Otherwise, she was sleeping peacefully when I checked on her a few minutes ago. Her CF screening should return tomorrow, and the scan of her head revealed no bleeding (can't remember if I mentioned that).Thank you so much! I'll be spending more time with Tricia today, and I'll be sure to tell you all about it. Nate