Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vomit vomit everywhere

It started last week sometime, Wednesday I think it was. Mark went to get the kiddo's ready while I jumped in the shower and when I came out, he was washing Tristan off. Poor guy had thrown up in bed sometime during the night and was covered in it. He threw up twice at daycare, so it was home from an early day at work for me.

Nothing on Thursday....WOOHOO! We figured maybe he was gnawing on his hands (darn molars) and accidentally gaved himself. Then came Friday... Man oh man, I didn't know little bodies could store this much food. We put them to bed on Friday night and an hour later, they were still screaming, which was a little unusual. So I went upstairs to quickly check on them. I knew the moment I stepped in the room what was going on. Let's just say Mark ended his workout a bit early that night.

Into the tub both boys went. As Mark is drying Ryland off, he throws up all over the towel. Back to the tub, and this time makes it through the diaper and clothing application. He's in Cassie's crib with her (because I'm still busy cleaning their cribs, and the floor, and trying to find sheets...), and he throws up all over her crib, just barely missing his sister. Luckly, nothing got on either of them. But now I was in need of 3 sheets.

I quickly finished up his crib and put him in it-with a bucket for you know what. Cleaned up Cassie's bed and put her in it, and finished Tristan's crib just as Mark was finished with his bath. Ry threw up three more times in his crib-but he had great aim and made it into the bucket. Pretty good accomplisment for a 16 month old little guy.

When I was SURE he was done throwing up, I sat with him in the rocking chair and just snuggled him and rocked him. Tristan seemed to be holding his own at this point so I just kept him in his crib. Ohhhh the joys of motherhood, that boy threw up on me two more times, and then I required a bath.

Imagine our horror when tonight, Cassie is eating dinner and suddenly throws up. Just as I'm going to grab her out of her high chair and she throws up again. Then again, and then a little more before I have a chance to get her out of that seat. That was about 2 hours ago and she's sleeping soundly in bed right now. I just hope it stays that way. Hopefully she just choked on something which made her gag, vice having this bug the boys had.


loren said...

Yikes! Just thought I'd check the site out since I was adding you to the blogroll, and it stinks that your little ones are sick, too. Although mine haven't projected anything from their bodies, which is a major bonus.

Anonymous said...

And I thought I had it bad....I am so sorry - but I guess that you could look at this in a positive way. At least they all got it over and done with at once and not over the course of weeks :) LOL - sorry I had to try and point out a positive. XOXO...for the trio :)

Love, Annie

My name is Tammie said...

Ack! I just had one with that today!! I do not want all three to have it. I'll cry. Hope everyone feels better soon and that you stay healthy!

Mark & Julie said...

Thanks :). Cassie was great this morning so I think she just gagged on something. Good point Annie, LOL at least it only lasted one night!

Fern said...

Oh my! We just got thru a bout with rotavirus here, so I read this post with special interest and amusement. I am impressed with your snap bed-shuffling decisions -- I am afraid I would have gotten overwhelmed and ended up with a mess everywhere!

Your kids are adorable!