Thursday, November 20, 2008

LONG week and it's not even friday...

Up until tonight, I've only spent about 3 hours with my kids this week, I feel like a HORRIBLE mother.

All day at work I was looking forward for the day to be over, it's been a long and very tough week at work. I've been stuck at work until at least 6 every day this week, and it was looking like I might get to go home a bit earlier today. I wanted to pick them up from daycare instead of having to go to their dads to get them. When I have to do that, all there is time to do is bathe them and put them to bed. We don't get to play or sit and talk (well, as much talking as you can do to a two year old) or cuddle.

Luckly I got off a little after 5 today and was able to get them from daycare, bring them home and feed them, and then play and watch their new favorite- Mickey Mouse. I got to chase them around the house and hear their laughter and joyful squeals I've been missing all week long. I really needed tonight, I've been missing them so much!!!!


Annie said...

Awww, Julie, so glad you got some much needed time with the little ones!!!!

rachael said...

i hate weeks like that, but i am glad you were able to spend that time with them!