Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We took our first little "road trip" (does 3 hours count???)over to Moses Lake to visit Auntie Jalane and Uncle David. My daddy drove with us, and my mom drove over earlier in the day with Nana.

The kids did amazingly well and we only stopped once to let them walk around for a few minutes. There was just a little bit of whining towards the end, but otherwise they were fantastic!

We went to Auntie Tutu and Papa David's for dinner-delicious pizza, and then off to the hotel for the kids' first stay in a hotel room.

Let's just say I'm not doing the hotel thing again for a VEEERRRRRRRRYYYYY long time! The first night all 3 of them were restless, and were awake and walking around the room, crying and carrying on from about 10pm until I gave up at 6am and we went to breakfast with my mom and dad. The second night the boys did better, but Cassie was awake about every hour having some sort of bad dream or something, because she'd scream "My mommy" and grab and crawl all over me....Thankfully I was able to catch up on some sleep today.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and Auntie and Uncle's house is BEAUTIFUL! I also got to see Cory for the first time in a LONG time and to meet his wife, Ronnie, for the first time. I had a good time, and Auntie and Mom were so thoughtful and let me nap for a bit on Thursday before all the festivities started.

When we got back into town I dropped the kids off with their daddy. They were so excited to see him, and he told them he missed them. It was so cute because they said back to him that they missed him too.

Here are some pictures:

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