Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

We had some halloween fun this year!!! I had a great time dressing up at work, I'm really glad that they let us do it, and I'm really surprised at how many people actually dressed up this year. My favorite part was Nicolas as the pumpkin, he looked hillarious in those green tights that Katy and I found just for hime!

After a long days work (or play), we (being me, Mark, Katy and Ricky) decided it would be a novel idea to take the kids Trick or Treating at the Everett Mall. Considering the weather was suppose to be a little drizzly and freezing. BAD idea, BAD BAD BAD Idea!!! There were seriously hundreds, if not a thousand or so people in the mall. It was crazy, hot, stinky and the candy sucked! We literally spent like 20 minutes there before we were desperate to get out!!!

Mark took the kids for the night and I was headed home. I decided to call Nate and see if he had plans for the night, maybe we'd go get a drink or something. He mentioned a party in Seattle and I told him I was up for it. So I picked up Nate, then went back to the mall to pick up Yani and then headed to Seattle.

It was a nice party, not too much craziness going on, but a DJ and good music, and a bartender upstairs for just our party. I pretty much occupied the couch all night, talking and joking around, and watching drunk people dance like idiots. We had a good time!

Here are some pictures from the day


Sara and Dustin said...

YOU LOOK GREAT GIRL!!!! The kids also look so adorable, love the halloween costumes :-)

The Koza's said...

Even though we had a heck of time at the mall, I still glad that we went. It was a lot better than walking around in the cold wet weather. Thanks Julie!