Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes....

Have you ever tried to teach your child to say PLUM, as in the fruit, or the color? Or in our case, the little plastic play fruit to go with their new kitchen? Regardless of what kind of plum we are talking about, I just thought I would share that it's quite hillarious, and Mark and I were nearly rolling on the floor this afternoon as we were trying to get Cassie to say PLUM.

It went something like this:
Mom: Cassie, say plum
Cassie: cum
Mom: Plum, it's pppppllum pppplum
Cassie: cum, cum cum cumcum
Mom: hysterically laughing, can't speak, can't breathe
Mark: Cassie, it's PPPlum, PPPPPPPPP Plum
Cassie: Cum, cumcumcum
Mark: try parachute
Cassie: ***alarmed perplexed look on her face***
Mark: ok try pepper
Cassie: pepper
Mark: plum, can you say ppplum
Cassie: cum, I say cum

More hysterical, tear filled laughing and then we decided to give it a rest. It's amazing the things that amuse me these days!

I haven't seen Mark laugh that hard in a while.

We decided for the next few years, maybe we'll just call it a prune. That is a word she can say.


Tripletblessed said...

LOL!!! Katie still says piwi for kiwi yet she can say the k in her name go figure!

The Koza's said...

OK so it is a good thing that Cassie isn't too far ahead of her years. Make sure you keep that post handy for one of her big occasions in life, like her wedding day! LOL