Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Potty training boot camp day 2

I can't believe how well Cassie and Ryland are doing. Tristan seemed to have a bad day all around today (poor guy), everything made him grumpy or cry. He did pee once today, and he did it standing up. But he pretty much refused to sit on the potty the entire day...oh, and he pooped in the playroom. But he was kind enough to tell me about it "Ohhh no mommy". We only had 2 accidents today, compared to 5 yesterday. I am shocked at how well they are doing.

All three of them did great yesterday, day 1 of Potty boot camp. Ryland went pee about 10 times, and pooped once. Cassie went pee about 30 times and also pooped once. Tristan went pee 5 times. I was really surprised that they pooped because they had never done that before.

So here is how I'm doing the potty training, I gathered this all from a lot of info/recommendations from other moms before I made my "game plan".

I set the timer for 15 minutes and increase it by 5 minute intervals every day. Once the timer goes off, all the kids have to go sit on the potty. If they go, great and they get an M&M for a reward. If not, I praise them for trying.

The kids are not wearing any diapers or underwear for the first 3 days. On the 4th day we will try underwear and see how they do. This lack of diaper/pull up/underwear allows them to sit down whenver they need to and quickly go. This is important as they are still learning to listen to their body, and accidents cause them to get very upset.

I am thinking about going out with them on Friday. I will use pull ups just to be safe, but I want to see how they do going out and if they tell me they need to go potty or if they just pee in the pull up.

On another note, I'm really bummed that I can't get my christmas video loaded. I've always been able to load my video camera videos into windows movie maker, but for some reason it won't let me now. I have some older video (like from the kids 1st birthday) that was taken on the video camera, and I can still load that into movie maker, but I can't load any recent stuff. I'm really bummmed. So I edited it in Panasonic Image mixer, which is the software that came with the video camera, and it let me edit the movie, but every time I try to load it onto blogger, youtube or onetruemedia I get an error message. i'm sad, it was a cute video of christmas. And I didn't take any pictures because Mark forgot the camera at his house, so I'm really bummed.


Annie said...

Great post---I am starting potty training Emma and Katie tomorrow.....I'll let u know how it goes!

The Koza's said...

Yea for the kiddos! That is so exciting. I hpoe they stick to it and don't somehow forget to pee and poop on the potty by day 7. I heard this horrible story from Bailey that he daughter did that and back to diapers they went. I will pray they are good listeners and stay diaper free! What a $ saver that will be when they are all done too!!!!