Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mark's been admitted

Mark went into the ER last night because he felt like he had a fever and couldn't catch his breath. He had a fever of 103 and they said that his lungs were awful sounding. They did Arterial blood gases on him and they were 58, so up to the ICU he went.

I didn't get that information until early this evening. I suppose it's a good thing because I would have been much more worried... I only got to see him for about 30 minutes tonight because I had to get home to relieve my mom from watching the kids for me (Thank you mom, you're the best!!!).

He has been compliant with his meds and treatments, he's been on oral antibiotics for past month, just trying to clear this up, but it's evident they weren't enough. His pulmonologist says they were just keeping his infection at bay.

They've got him on vanco. and 2 other antibiotics (can't remember, Impermium or something and one other). He's really ansy and of course doesn't want to be there. He's bored out of his mind and its an older hospital in Arlington, WA (not the UW for you washingtonians) so there is no internet, the TV's are tiny... I wish I could have stayed longer tonight to keep him company.

And for those who have inquired, we are not officially divorced yet. neither of us seem able to sign on the dotted lines, even though the paperwork has been filed and we've had ample opportunity to pick a court date- we have yet to do so.

I'm still very much in love with him, and he assures me he is with me. We are not living together, but are at eachother's houses daily to spend time with the kids. We eat dinner together as a family Sunday nights, and do activities with the kids on the weekend. I guess I'm just rambling now, but neither of us really know "where" we are at with all of this right now. I guess we could use prayers on this too.

Thanks for tuning in :)


Hannah said...

Wow, we will be praying for him... Thanks for updating on the situation too. We love you so much!

Annie said...

Yes, thanks for the update on you guys........I think of you often with this situation. Hope Mark gets discharged soon! :)

Lisa said...

Let me know if there is anything that I can do! Hang in there!!