Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some fun at daddy's new place

Photobucket Taking a nap in Daddy's bed at Daddy's new house

Isn't she just adorable?!?!?!

Ryland with his new buzz cut and Tristan face down laughing at him

My adorable little Tristan Monster

Cassie in her Pretty dress, she is SOOOOOOOO into dresses!


Hannah said...

I love these little faces! Ryland looks so grown up with his buzz! They are all growing so fast, seriously even since the last time you post they look older.

Sara and Dustin said...

I love the buzz - lol. And cassie is just such the little diva in her cute dress!!! I am tellin ya - hollywood here she comes!!

Lisa said...

They are so cute!!

Christine and Zoie said...

The new pics are so cute! i love them!!! The kids are growing so fast, can you believe it??