Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He's out

Mark got discharged last night about 7pm (a little unusual, I know) and the doctor arranged for him to do home IV therapy for the next two weeks. Who knew that home infusion centers delivered boxes of medications and supplies at 10pm?????? Well, they do, which is pretty cool.

I forced him to take the day off today, and his mom is over at his place taking care of him and doing some house work.

I hope these meds continue to work for him and that he gets better soon. He really can't wait to get back into the guy, but he has to wait until he's done with the meds and they take his PICC out.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!!!!!


renhallows said...

Julie..I just got some what caught up on your past few months...wow! Youre a superwoman!
I can't imagine what life might be like for you and your family right now, but I do know that PRAYER does work and our Heavenly Father just wants us to be safe and happy. You are in our prayers! keep the faith girl!

Mandy said...

We are thinking of you! Very stressful for all of you. We are used to the hospital thing but kids have never been in the mix yet so I can't imagine how much harder that would be. You are strong, doing great! We will keep you all in our prayers.

jcm6808 said...

Julie, I feel your pain. Jake got the flu about 6 weeks ago and has been on IVs ever since. They really wipe him out. His sister, who also has CF, has been one them too for even longer. They both have port-a-caths. Does Mark have one? Jake got so scarred from all the pic lines, that he finally got a port a couple years ago and it is WONDERFUL!!!! You guys should consider it because it sure minimizes the hospital stays!

I admire you for being so strong with handling this and having your sweet kiddos to take care of. What a load! I know you are a great mom. Keep it up and know that the Lord loves you and is taking care of you!


P.S. We are postponing our IVF transfer until a later time. We have 5 frozen embryos. :) I had a mild case of OHSS, so they wanted to postpone the transfer. Who knows when we will be ready!