Saturday, March 7, 2009

He's still in lockup.....

We went to visit Mark today, he's still in the hospital and the doctor told him this morning to expect at LEAST another 2 days. I can tell he's bored out of his mind, and his internet won't work, I think I'll take him my computer tomorrow and trade with him.

So the updates are that he is still on oxygen at 2.5L, and he is on IV Tobramyacin, IV Cipro and on an insulin drip because his blood sugars are out of control. When they tested him this morning when we were there it was over 400 (it should be under 100), so they upped his insulin drip. He's also on IV prednisone, which has a lot to do with his elevated blood sugars, but he needs to be on it so they just have to keep upping his insulin.

They are also waiting for his culture to come back with any growth. His last culture 2 weeks ago showed what he normally cultures, which is Staph Aureaus and Pseudomonas, but of course they want to make sure he hasn't cultured anything new.

We're going to go visit him again tomorrow morning (and take him some flank steak!!), and I'll post updates if there are any when the kids take their nap.

The kids are hanging in there, but I KNOW they know that something is out of wack. They are very clingy and there is a lot of crying and whining going on the last 24 hours or so :(. They were VERY happy to see daddy today, and we stayed for about 2 hours, which was really great for all of us! I got to see Gram B and grandpa too, and the kids were thrilled to see them, it was absolutely adorable!

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Crystal said...

I see Mark is the hospital. Roger goes in the hospital 2 times a year for 3 weeks for antibiotic treatment. I can give you some ideas that make the transition easier. 440-228-0667.

Crystal Waring