Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Quote

So as some of you might know, I'm taking another college class this quarter, Interpersonal Communication, it's actually quite interesting and the teacher keeps us very involved. We've got a group project and we were working on it this morning. As we were finishing up, Natalie told me she had a quote for me and wrote it down.

"A woman is like a never know how strong she is, until she's in hot water"

I had to laugh at how amazingly true and how fitting that quote was. And how sweet it was to think of me. I had mentioned yesterday to a few of the girls in my group about what was going on, because it related to a "happiness" assignment we had, which was assigned the day after I found out all the "stuff" that's been going on. I got a few I'm sorry's, which I really don't need because I am not sorry, but they were very sweet and wished me the best in all of this.

I don't have any new pictures of the kids because I let Mark take the camera. The plan was for me to keep the video camera my mom bought us but I can't seem to find it anywhere (ironic??!?!?!). Hopefully I'll have one before christmas.....

Thanks again to all my friends and family for the support through all of this. I have really come to know that I have AMAZING friends and family who have been calling, emailing, texting and even stopping by to visit me and the kids. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Lisa said...

Hang in there girl! Let's get coffee or something sometime! Gess says to bring the kids over and he will play with them! ;)

josephinechoo said...

Hi there..

I'm Josephine here.I read your blog recently.Your life were quite interesting and you're a strong mother.

Actually I still have no idea what had happened to you,but I hope you can get thru this hard time.

We all still have a long and bright journey...

Annie said...

You are an amazingly strong woman. I admire you!