Monday, October 20, 2008

ABC colortime

Coloring time and some ABC's mixed in from this weekend.


Zac and Christine said...

awww yay for ABC's. They are precious.....i wish i could sing, tilt my head and smile like her...she's gonna be a heartbreaker Julie!

The Koza's said...

Go Cassie!!! Ricky told me today that studies show that first children tend to be more successful in life. Since you only have first children, Cassie is considered that middle, and she is proving the statistic wrong! She is on the road to a very successful future at 2 years old!!!! Congrats Mommy :)

The Koza's said...

I hope the boys are feeling a little better by now. Let me know if you need anything, pick something up or just stay with you for some company.