Saturday, October 11, 2008


Nana came up to play this morning and surprised us with a trip to Kiddie Kandids for a photo session. I quickly dug up some outfits for the kids (thanks mom for ironing them!!!!!) and off we went to get some fall photos taken.

The kids were really cooperative and seemed to enjoy the session. Tristan's favorite part was the spider, which you can see him holding in one of the pictures. He's such a funny guy.

After the photos Nana headed home and the kids got a little nap in while Mark and I ran some errands. We had this novel idea to take them to the mall (ok, I had the idea), WITHOUT a stroller. Ummmm, lets just say lesson learned.

We found an adorable outfit for Cassie for christmas, and after the kids had been wining and crying and we carried all 3 of them across the entire Alderwood Mall, I sent them home with Mark and did what any woman would do... I continued shopping.

I found two matching outfits for the boys, but Mark isn't really crazy about them so we'll have to see what else I can find. Much to Mark's amazement, I also found the cutest slippers for the kids and their poor freezing feet! The boys look kind of like this, but theirs are black and have a soccer ball that lights up, and Cassies are the same style but hot pink with some flowers and a cute little bug on them. Apparently this is EXACTLY what Mark had in mind and was sure I wouldn't be able to find. Not often I get it 100% right, so today was a good day!

I also got them their christmas shoes (here's to hoping they fit into a 7 by christmas!), don't want to have a repeat of last year where I am dashing to 8 different stores a few days before christmas trying to find them shoes. And I got Cassie what every girl needs, some jewlery. She got a pretty bracelet to wear with her christmas outfit, and I couldn't resist buying these tiny rings that should fit her someday soon, LOL.

And my final in sizes that fit the kids. I bought some size 7's a Fred Myers earlier this week but they were WAY to big for the kids, especially Cassie's skinny little feet. So I found size 6's today at StrideRite. Cassies fit perfectly, the boys however, have the fattest feet I've even seen on a child and I can't manage to squeeze those fat sausages into the new boots. So back to the store they go, I guess I'll be looking for some thick socks for those 7's.

It was a busy but fun day and they are now upstairs sleeping peacefully.


Tara said...

Ok so tell me... In the photo with your mom all the kids' hair is parted to the same side. Then in the collage of fall photos with each child's solo portrait all their hair is parted to the other side. So did you really change their hair? Or did the photo place give you some kind of mirror image of the real picture?

The photos turned out awesome btw! They are getting SO BIG!

Sara and Dustin said...

They are beyond cute! How nice of your mom:)

The Koza's said...

So this is me doing my homework... ok pretending to do my homework. But after today you said to check the blog I couldn't wait to take a look. Cassie's face in the perfect tressure is ADORABLE!!! She is such a little classy sassy. So let me get this right... you went to Babies R Us twice this weekend, in a row? If only I were that lucky. :)