Saturday, October 4, 2008

MY mother is AMAZING!!

I just don't know what I'd do without my mom, she does so much for me and my family. I am so incredibly luck to have her!!!!!!!

Mark worked last night and got home around 3-4am, and I had to be at work by 0730 this morning. So my mom drove all the way up to our house from bothell to be here by 0700 so I could leave for work. She also watched Kaleb because Katy had to be at work with me, and her husband Ricky was working the AM shift. So my mom took on an extra child. Although she did say, "what's one more when you've got triplets" (LOL). They had a good time and were just finishing lunch and ready for a nap when I got home.

I feel bad saying this but it was actually a relief to get a break and go to work this morning. The kids had a really tough night last night, which involved all 3 of them climing into bed with me at one point (this was a first, and also a LAST!). It ended up at around 11pm I was in their room hooking up the humidifier and then slept on the floor in there until 2am (also a first, but I'm sure not a last-at least not when they are sick).

After their nap the fun really started... 9 diarrhea diapers between 1:30 an 6:30, 6 changes of clothes, 2 rolls of toilet paper on runny noses and slimy goopy eyes, and 3 children all fighing over me. All wanting to be held and have their backs patted. I think I put 4 phone calls into my mom in a period of 3 hours tonight. Like I said, I am LUCKY to have her!!!

The night ended on a pretty good note though, the last dose of tylenol they got really seemed to help and then they started playing instead of just laying around on ne or on the floor sniffling. Cassie got into one of her dresser drawers and pulled out a pink bib (why I haven't gotten rid of these, I don't know??!?!?!), I saw her do this and walked off to go to the bathroom. When I came back around the corner all 3 kids had bibs on and were running in and out of the play room saying, "I like it, I like it, I like it".


Hannah said...

Your mother is a Saint, but seriously how cute are they, I couldn't stay away either! I love when they run around the corner one at a time, it's like they just keep coming! Seriously what's one more!

Tara said...

We didn't have multiples in my family growing up, but there were 4 of us in the span of 5 years. My dad always said, "once you're out numbered it doesn't matter how many kids there are!"

Adorable bib story and vid! Just precious.

Zac and Christine said...

talk about having your hands full, but you are lucky to have family so close that can help you out! Cherish her!!! And the bib video, too cute!

La said...

Hi! I know this comment has nothing to do with this post, but I wondered if you would mind doing one more after picture of your stomach, now that its been 6ish months. I found your blog, because I was searching for information about tummy tucks after multiples. I am planning to get this done some day, but the financial piece of it is daunting. I need some proof that it is worth it! :)

The Koza's said...

After watching the video around 5 times I have decided that Ry (right) says... "oh is that out?" at the very end. When you are like "yeah" because it doesn't sound like anything in particular. Just a thought.